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Maven's Lego Land!

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

After losing our daughter Ryen, life seemed unbearable and empty. We felt lonely, although my husband and I had each other. Most days were spent with me trying to find ways to end my life to the point that my husband had to worry so much about me that he couldn't grieve himself. But on April 1, 2014, we found out we were pregnant, and it was not joke! Immediately I felt a duty and commitment to my carry him safely peacefully to term.

Maven was and is my life line. God shows up everyday he wakes up and tells his dad and I "good morning mommy!...good morning pottsie! (thats what he calls his dad, its non-negotiable haha)." Watching him grow into the splitting image of his father and listening to his expanding vocabulary leaves me in awe every single day.  And anyone who meets my sweet Maven is in awe of how sweet and caring he is to others.

Maven was and is my life line.

People would ask me early on if I was scared something would happen to him because of Ryen and it was even surprising to myself to answer that I was not. I wasn't a nervous wreck because I had faith. When it comes to faith you can't have one foot in and one foot out. You can't give God only half of your trust. So, if I wanted God to continue to bless my family and my baby boy, I had to be all in! These past three years have been nothing short of a blessing, so what better way to celebrate than a party! Maven's mom is over-the-top, so you know it was big! Lets check it out below!

What to look out for:

Our custom built LEGO dining tables

Our custom built LEGO dessert table with an artificial grass table top

Custom Acrylic Goodie Boxes with detachable LEGO mini figures

Custom Colored Jumbo Name Sign

Build Station with Construction Hats and Custom Aprons with Ironed-on Lego Head Graphic

Fun Fact about This Party: We were all stuck in a massive (for Atlanta) snow storm! Talk about anxiety! We thought all this work and planning would go to waste because no one would be able to make it. Luckily, the roads started to clear right before the party because the sun came out. Not to mention Maven has a lot of friends and family who love him dearly!


Catering: Fuller Food by Chef Razia Sabour 

Desserts: Red Velvet Catering by Angela Foster

Balloons: Balloon Fantasy of Atlanta

Chairs: Sweet Seats 

Face Painting: Make Up by Lah Luvie 

Videography and Photography: Mr. Carmichael

Written by Jameelah Davis, Creative Director


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